Browsing the YA Section

Browsing the YA Section

I’ve found myself reading a lot of YA fiction recently, and this article made me feel like I’m not alone…sometimes you feel weird being 23 and browsing the shelves amidst ads for the summer reading club. But good writing is good writing, no matter who it’s aimed at.



One thought on “Browsing the YA Section

  1. I’m kind of a jerk (you love me anyways), but I can’t get into the Hunger Games books. So many of my friends brag about how….good they are at reading it (“IT ONLY TOOK ME 8 HOURS TO FINISH!!!”) and I can’t help wanting to reply “Now that you’re done, perhaps you should try Where’s Spot? next?” I admittedly love the premise and thought the movie was decent, but the first few chapters of the book (as far as I got before I had to stop) were about some chick simply describing her surroundings and asking herself rhetorical questions all day.

    Some YA fiction is awesome (i.e.Harry Potter) — most is not.

    I’m the worst, I know. 🙂

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